Beauty Hacks for Women Travelers

Here are a few simple beauty hacks for the woman on the go!

  1. Travel size products: Invest in travel size products that you use in your regular skin care routine. This is also a good time to use all the sample’s you’ve received from beauty stores.
  2. Ziploc or clear bags: It comes in handy for you to check what product is in which bag. Also convenient as you pass through airport security check.
  3. Double duty products: Products with multi utility can help save luggage space, prep time when getting dressed. Think- foundation with SPF, Shampoo with conditioner, lip and cheek stains.
  4. Dry Shampoo/ talcum powder: This is the holy grail for travellers on the go! Spritz on some on your roots to give your hair a lift – when you don’t have the time for a wash and blow dry.
  5. Hydrate – inside out: Slather on the lip balm, moisturise your hands, face & feet. Ensure your continuously sipping on some H2O
  6. Facial Cleansing wipes: These are helpful to take off your makeup after a long day, or before a flight – let’s your skin breathe!



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