Last Minute Traveler – Packing Hacks

There are 2 types of travellers in the world.

  1. Those who meticulously plan the trip, pack in advance and make lists.
  2. Those who dump all their stuff an hour before they head out for the trip.

There are plenty of lists out there for the control freak category.

Here’s an easy hack for the last minute packer.

  • Before you start – take 60 seconds to visualize your needs for the trip.
  • Then focus on the essentials that you cannot do without- chargers, medications, documents and Id’s.
  • Pick out versatile outfits that can be worn day to night, work or play.
  • Are you travelling for a specific occasion- throw in that outfit too.
  • Now that the clothing is sorted- pick shoes that can be matched with all or any.
  • Finally, you need something to sleep in and travel in- at the risk of over packing – it’s always good to carry an extra shirt or outfit in case of an emergency.
  • Lastly- pack all your toiletries in a separate zip loc or leak proof bag.

Your good to go! It’s all about prioritising- getting the most important things in first.

This will work even when your pressed for time and rushing.


Are you a frequent flier? Watch this space for more packing tips


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