How You Can Plan a Last Minute Holiday

  1. Set a Budget: Are you a Budget or a Luxe Traveller? Set a boundary within which you can plan your Destination, Transport, Accommodation and Itinerary.
  2. Sign up for Free Newsletters for great travel hacks and travel deals. You get plenty of inspiration of under-the-radar travel destinations and travel ideas.
  3. Last Minute Travel Booking Apps: These apps will definitively give you the lowest prices on hotels, travel, tours and activities. They bring you unsold inventory at slashed prices. You’ll be surprised to know they are cheaper than booking in advance.
  4. Are you planning a solo trip? Travelling with Kids? Choose your destination accordingly. Solo, couple or group travel come with different challenges, requirements and location is everything.
  5. Travel Off Season! Check for Seasonality: Popular destinations are way cheaper during the off peak season. For instance Goa in the monsoons. It has it’s own charm and you’ll be able to discover the city in a completely different way.
  6. Pick the right day of the week at the right hotel: Travelling on a weekend – stay at  business hotels – they are likely to be cheaper. Travelling on weekdays – stay at resort and getaways properties- they are more likely to be vacant getting you best rates on rooms.
  7. Search for Mystery Hotels: You pick a location and amenities you desire. The hotel name appears after you have made the purchase. They are luxury or boutique hotels at great prices.  It’s literally like 5 star hotels at 3 star prices. Brilliant concept, coming to popularity  in India.
  8. Don’t pack last Minute: Vacations are not meant to be stressful – not carrying your meds, contact cleaning solution, spare pair of spectacles will sure add to it. Not everything last minute works out!
  9. Don’t Fall for Travel myths: Like 3 pm on a Tuesday. There is no mantra! Prices are dynamic and fluctuating. Having said that – don’t book the first deal you see. Scout around a bit.

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