Last Minute Travel – why you should do it!

How last minute is last minute?

Is it booking your tickets 2 weeks ahead of time, or as you arrive at your destination?

Here are 5 reasons why you SHOULD plan a vacation at the n’th hour.

  1. It’s cheaper than planning way in advance: Contrary to popular belief planning last minute can get you huge savings on your travel bookings. Be it hotels, flights, vacation rentals or last minute tour packages – later the better – You just need to know where to look.
  1. You can get a better deal last minute: More value and upgraded experiences since Hotels are always looking to liquidate their unsold inventory, airplanes are looking to fill last minute seats and tour operators want to run on full occupancy – So this means you can stay at a 5 star hotel at 3 star prices.
  1. Life is more spontaneous: Which adds to the excitement of the vacation! Break away from the monotony of life- live on the edge (you quite literally can) and see where your travels take you. You get to embrace life and resist the urge to over plan and overthink. A quick getaway also refresh’s you and prevents burnout.
  1. Discover more: Is there a destination that you always wanted to visit but could never get yourself to go? A good last minute deal on an under the radar destinations can get you to explore new places, different cultures, meet new people and enriched experiences.
  1. Planning and prep can be stressful! More often people find it stressful to plan holidays, more so when it’s for a larger group – planning availability, schedules etc etc. Research, budgeting, browsing multiple websites comparing costs – vacay planning can be a pain. But when you’re travelling last minute- while your options are not necessarily narrow- your pressed on time and you tend to ‘go with the flow’

Watch this space for more on how you can plan your last minute getaway and the best tools for last minute travel planning.


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